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What our customers are saying !

Customer Reviews 

From : BP 
Nothing like being in the wilderness but still being able to enjoy some of the creature comforts of home.... like 4k HDR movies with Atmos audio at the same time as playing a competitive game online with low latency and jitter. If I can enjoy John Wick while topping the scoreboard in my favorite online game while being a couple dozen miles from the nearest other "broadband" ... well I'll take it!
I have tried Starlink, not once, but twice - and I can tell you that most of the time it's better to be terrestrial, than out of this world.
Buck is an absolute professional and a great guy. He responded to e-mails so fast, that I swore he had to have a clone of himself only responsible for e-mails. He was always on time, and was knowledgeable about all of the network solutions we required for our property.
The equipment used is current and high quality. I have run large scale LAN gaming events and have a great deal of experience with network environments, so when I say this is quality stuff, it is based on decades of prior experience. The pricing just flat out can't be beat for the speed and reliability, Period. Paths have redundancy, and great fallback/failover plans in place, which is a great relief. If you are relying on internet for phone service, this matters greatly for emergencies. Just another little tid-bit that Edge Internet has to take the edge off any concerns.
If you are on edge about using a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider), give Edge Internet a shot... your worries will be quelled. My word is my bond, so I stand firmly by everything said. Solid five stars.
From : B Snow
These guys are Good ! I was really suffering with the slow speeds I was having. I couldn't stream a movie, I couldn't use face time. It was taking forever. Then Buck showed up like superman !! Blam he had me flying in no time.
From :  Sarah H 
I recently switched to Edge Internet for my home internet service and I have to say, I'm extremely impressed. Buck was top-notch from the very beginning, with knowledge and able to answer all my questions and help me choose the best plan.  The installation process was quick and easy. The internet speeds have been consistently fast and reliable, with no downtime or connection issues to speak of.  Overall, I couldn't be happier with my experience with Edge Internet. The combination of great customer service, fast and reliable internet speeds, make it a five-star choice in my book. Highly recommended!
From : Michael B
 I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed with the service I received. The technician who installed my internet, Buck, was absolutely fantastic. He was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and courteous throughout the entire installation process. Buck took the time to explain everything to me in detail, answering all of my questions and ensuring that I was completely satisfied with the installation before he left. He even went above and beyond by making some suggestions about the equipment.   
As for the internet service itself, I've been extremely pleased with the speeds and reliability of Edge's network. I've had no issues with downtime or connection drops, and the speed is consistently fast, even during peak usage times. Overall, I would highly recommend Edge Internet to anyone in the  area looking for fast, reliable internet service. 
From :  E.W.
I couldn't be happier with the service. Living in a rural location in the mountains, it's always been a struggle to get reliable Internet, but Edge has completely changed the game. With speeds of up to 100 megabits per second, I'm able to stream high definition content without any buffering or lag. What's even better is the incredible value for the price.  Edge offered the best package for my needs at price that blew me away. I also appreciate the transparency in billing with no hidden fees or surprises. 
From : Frank H. 
Edge Wireless Internet is the real deal! I was blown away by the incredible speeds I'm getting, and the value is unbeatable. Compared to other providers like HughesNet and Xfinity, Edge Internet is a no-brainer. I was skeptical at first, but now I'm convinced that this is the best option for anyone in need of fast and reliable internet. AT A BETTER PRICE ! And the fact that it's available in the mountains is truly impressive. I've tried other point-to-point providers in the area, but none of them come close to the speeds and value that Edge Internet offers. Don't waste your time and money on expensive satellite services like Starlink - go with Edge Internet and enjoy more speed at a lower price.  - THANKS BUCK !
From : BDS
Buck at edge Internet was great. The installation was so easy and I am now getting 2 to 3 times the download speed at about 30 to 40% less than I was paying before. So I'm actually getting faster Internet for less money ! The service is stable and reliable even in bad weather and Buck is excellent with his customer service.
From : Blake S
Life saver ! - I was using another company in Kremmling and it was (okay) before them I had Hughes satellite and they were terrible. Then I met Buck at Edge Internet and it saved my life. Now I have great speeds and more importantly; RELIABILITY. With my old service I was used to my DL speeds being throttled way back when it was in peak usage times and also sometimes going down completely for hours- it was SO frustrating. One time it was out for an entire weekend. Since I signed up with Edge i have had 100% uptime and great speeds. No issues with slow or buffered downloads. Edge Internet has been a real life saver. Thanks Buck !
From : Chris 
Hi Buck,
Just seen the Edge bill come through and it reminded me that I’ve been wanting to email you about your service.

My wife and I would like to “Thank You & Your Company” for providing a wonderful service to our neighborhood. We have never had internet like this and it has truly changed our lives with having the speed you provide. We are able to stream TV which is a new thing for us as well as surf the web without buffering issues.

We feel we’ve finally caught up to the rest of the world with the internet service that you provide. I still keep bringing it up to a few of the neighbors that we see on our walks to hopefully get them to sign up as well but so far I know only a couple more have got it.

Take Care Buck and Thank You Once Again
From : John M. 
Just  installed at my mountain home outside  Kremmling, and I am beyond impressed with the service. Buck, the installation technician, was friendly,  and professional throughout the entire process. After struggling with slow and unreliable internet for years, I am thrilled to finally have a service that is fast and consistent, even in the remote mountains where it is notoriously difficult to get reliable wifi. The Edge Internet service has made working from home a breeze, and streaming movies and music is no longer a frustrating experience. I would highly recommend Edge Internet to anyone in the area looking for high-quality and reliable internet service. And a big thanks to Buck for his excellent work in making this possible! Five stars all around.
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